An Ashtray Full of Pennies

Junk food for thought.

Even in the Horribleville era, KC Green had a voice I could get behind.

There it is, there’s my contribution to this holiest of days.

I got it out of my system, now I can go back to bloggin’ about movies or whatever it is I do.

Smoke eggs every day. #dankcandy

I’ve got one (1) 4/20 joke up my sleeve for this year.

I’ve given you all fair warning.

The punchline is that 100% of the managerial staff is either white or white-passing, while nearly 100% of the employees are either women, non-white, or both.

So I was walking home from work today with a fellow supervisor dude and he cold asks me the weirdest question I’ve heard in a good long while: “Is your girlfriend an intellectual?”

Weird, right? I don’t know if that’s code for something, so I answer as best I can: “Well, I suppose, yeah. I mean we talk politics and philosophy and feminism and whatnot.” At which point he rhetorically asks me “Feminism? How the hell do you deal with that?”

"Uh, well? What, what’s wrong with that."

"Feminists bug me, I consider myself an egalitarian."

And thus with those magic words, the floodgates were opened. It started with off with me saying that calling it “egalitarianism” masks the problem at hand, and then it continued with “just because your sister is successful and hasn’t experienced sexism (even though I’m pretty sure she has) doesn’t mean that other women don’t, because they do,” and then a little “your hurt feelings when people say they hate men doesn’t stack up against a system rigged against women.”

The rest is kind of a blur, He kind of got huffy around the time I said “yeah, men get harassed and discriminated against too, but not as systematically as women do, that’s the problem at hand,”.

Dir: Paul Verhoeven | DP: Jost Vacano | 1987

In case you forgot that Robocop was anything except masterful.

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Happy 40th Birthday Edgar Wright!

Happy fortieth, you magnificent bastard.


Happy 40th Birthday Edgar Wright!

Happy fortieth, you magnificent bastard.

Giving the Juan/Drew/Finn/me episode of DaJAAM a spin. Fun times.