Go Sens go!

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December will naturally be Catch Up on 2014’s Releases of Interestember.

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I’m drafting out lists of movies for a potential movie-a-day project for October (tentatively called Octobergeist) and November (working title Cannonvember), but I don’t know if I have it in me to watch 61 movies in 61 days.

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B movies aren’t dead, they just go straight to video.

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124. Assassination Games (Ernie Barbarash, 2011)

124. Assassination Games (Ernie Barbarash, 2011)


okay so just for the sake of getting everyone’s temperature on this because derek and i are discussing it, what would you consider a film’s actual release year for the sake of categorizing and tagging and shit:

  • film festival premiere
  • film premiere in country of production

Basically this comes down to world premiere vs. wide release; world premiere is easier to standardize.

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Gonna watch a Jean-Claude Van Damme/Scott Adkins jam that isn’t a Universal Soldier movie. #valives

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Editor’s note: that alien and that woman do not appear in the film.

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123. Rock n’ Roll Space Patrol (Jim Bultas, 2005)

123. Rock n’ Roll Space Patrol (Jim Bultas, 2005)

Any similarities to real events is totally sweet and radical and you should tell me about them although that is purely coincidental.

 - A sentence that appears in the end credits of Rock n’ Roll Space Patrol.
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